If someone walked into the room you are in right now and told you something, something big, would you believe them?

Depends who’s asking, doesn’t it?

You’ll believe someone you know. You’ll believe someone you trust even more. And when it’s someone you know and trust you have no reason to disbelieve.

You sure about that?

A piece that challenges the audience to reflect upon what we believe.

A piece which compels us to question the things we don’t question. Featuring a species which was hunted to extinction nearly four hundred years ago.

They’re back and they’re hangry.

And if you believe any of that then you really, really need to see this show.

The show lasts 30 minutes and is followed by a 30 minute workshop and accompanied by a teacher’s resource pack.

Creatives & Cast
  • Written by
    John McCann
  • Directed by
    Janice Kernoghan-Reid
  • Music by
    Garth McConaghie
  • Video Design by
    Eoin Robinson
  • Costume Design by
    Liz Cullinane
  • Stage Management by
    Matt Faris
  • Performed by
    Siobhan Kelly
Post-Primary Programme
  • Challenging
  • Compelling
  • Dystopian
Suitable For
  • Audiences aged 13+
Recommended Venues
  • High school classrooms
Accessible to
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