Now they’ve arrived.
All new and plump.
You are their first home.
You are their safe harbour.

A brand-new opera for brand-new people, Harbour features live performance from some of Northern Ireland’s best classical musicians in a beautiful up-close show designed for just 4 babies at a time (and their grown-ups).

Utilising Replay’s knowledge of sensory theatre, music and play, Harbour is a unique show full of melodious tunes and mellow movement in which audience members journey through the four elements of earth, water, wind and fire. The show was inspired by attachment theory, and the importance of a child’s ‘safe place’ – the person to whom they can always come home.

Creatives & Cast
  • Directed By
    Janice Kernoghan-Reid
  • Composed By
    Greg Caffrey
  • Stage Design
    Gillian Mee
  • Technical Design
    Darren Robinson
  • Stage Manager
    Rick Thomas
  • Performed By
    Aisling Agnew, Diana McLaughlin, Dawn Burns, Richard Allen
Early Years Programme
  • Engaging
  • Soothing
  • Uplifting
Suitable For
  • Babies aged 0 - 12 months
Recommended Venues
  • Arts Centres
  • Festivals
  • Theatres
Accessible to
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    Touring March 2022

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